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What beneficial use is: Land must be under production or cultivation to qualify as beneficial use. As defined by Oregon state law, beneficial use of irrigation water is limited to producing a crop, or maintaining grass or landscaped areas. Landscaped areas are described as lawn, shrub beds, or commercial crops (shrubs, trees, growing of plants for resale).

What beneficial use is not: Irrigation water should not be used on rock piles, on driveways, or under structures; it should not be used for dust abatement; it should not be used to water anything that would grow naturally with- out the benefit of irrigation water.

Oregon state law also requires irrigation water be used beneficially once every five years. Water rights are subject to confiscation if a property owner fails to beneficially apply and use water at least once in a five-year period.

Patrons with questions about beneficial use qualification or usage should contact the TID office.