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Water Supply

6/18/21 Update: We are still working hard to deliver 70% to both sides. However, snow melt from the local mountains is running out. We have started to turn water on from Crescent Lake. There is a 5-day period that we must wait before we can add that water to our system in Bend.  Fluctuations in pressure and flow volume will be experienced district wide as we make the transition from Tumalo Creek water to Crescent Lake water. This will be occurring for the next couple of weeks. Our staff will work to make the transition as smooth as possible throughout the District. 

Keep checking back for updates on when the rotation will start. With the limited amount of water available to the district during this unprecedented drought, we will be unable to avoid a 7 day on 7 day off rotation of water.  With the known inefficiencies of the open ditch delivery system, there will not be enough available water to deliver to the entire district on a constant basis, as we need that full amount to carry the water down to the north side.

Due to the ongoing drought, Tumalo Creek and Crescent Creek flows have been at or near historic lows. When the local snowmelt is over on Tumalo Creek, the District will rely on Crescent Lake for usage. At that time, we will start a 7-day water on and 7-day water off rotation. (We do not know yet when this will happen, but once we have a better idea, we will post an update and send out a text to those who have signed up for text alerts.) Monday’s will be the days that we will be switching water from the south side to the north side of the District. Staff will be working to make this transition as smooth as possible.

If you do not already know where our water supply comes from, you can read a brief overview here.

To view current data about the Deschutes River Basin Storage and Discharge, click here. This data is updated daily and shows Crescent Lake's current level. 

To view Tumalo Creek's daily flow, click here.

The OSU Extension Service included an article in their most recent newsletter on page 4 about Drought Year Management. If you are interested in reading this article you can view the newsletter here.