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Water Supply

Tumalo Creek flows have increased and we have enough water to deliver 80%. If you don't think you are getting 80%, please call our office at 541-382-3053 so that we can get a ditch rider out to check your delivery.

With the continued drought, it is inevitable that we will have to do another rotation this year once the supply in Tumalo Creek is insufficient to supply TID’s needs and we are required to turn on Crescent Lake storage.  As of May 10th, Crescent Lake is at ~10,400 AF.  We need to gain at least  ~18,000 AF by July to do a rotation like we have the past 2 seasons.

If you do not already know where our water supply comes from, you can read a brief overview here.

To view  Crescent Lake's level, click here. This data is updated daily and shows current data about the Deschutes River Basin Storage and Discharge.

To view Tumalo Creek's daily flow, click here.

The OSU Extension Service included an article in their most recent newsletter on page 4 about Drought Year Management. If you are interested in reading this article you can view the newsletter here.

The Oregon Water Resources Department maintains a drought website that provides the status of current water conditions and state drought declarations, as well as information on what you can do to use water wisely.  Visit their drought page here.

View Current Hydromet readings for the Deschutes Basin here.