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Our Mission

The mission of the Tumalo Irrigation District is to manage our available resources to meet the present and future water needs of our service area by providing a reliable supply of irrigation water in an environmentally and economically responsible manner with an atmosphere of courtesy, integrity and quality of service.

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Board Announcement

The May 13th 2014 board of directors meeting will hold an executive session under ORS 192.660(2)(h) starting at 9:00am to discuss the Oregon Spotted Frog Minimization and Mitigation options with the DBBC Attorney.  The regular session may be pushed back due to the technical and sensitive nature of the discussion so we ask your patience on the regular session start time.  We have every hope we can start the regular session sometime between 10:00 am and 11:00 am.

The Summer Season will start on April 14th 2014

Board Announcement

In July 2013 a Tumalo Patron raised a concern with our staff over Tumalo Irrigation’s long held (over 50 years) billing practice of ‘rounding up’ to the next highest acre.

Example; if you have 3.1 acres of water, you are billed for 4 acres, so all partial acres are rounded up to the next whole acre. It was explained that even if the District ended the practice and started billing for the exact acre, they would still need to collect the same amount of funds to run the District. The patron insisted that would be fairer as currently we were charging more to people with partial acres.

Our calculations show that, to keep the current funding total and to bill for the exact acreage, the District would be short about $8600. This shortfall could be made up in different ways, most likely split between the account charge and a per acre increase.

After discussions in the August and September 2013 board meetings, the Tumalo Board passed a motion in the September 2013 meeting directing staff to start billing for actual acreage in calculating O&M charges beginning with the 2014 assessments.

Deschutes Basin Habitat Conservation Plan (DBHCP)

Initiated in 2008, the DBHCP is a multi-species plan that will assist the Irrigation District members of the Deschutes Basin Board of Control and the city of Prineville, in meeting their current and future water needs while enhancing fish and wildlife habitat. Twenty stakeholders, including state and federal agencies, the Confederate Tribes of Warm Springs, Portland General Electric (PGE), and conservation groups, are participating in the development of this initiative. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has provided significant funding for the effort, with additional assistance from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and PGE.

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The Tumalo Irrigation District held an election by mail-in-ballot, on Tuesday,
November 12, 2013
, to fill a three-year term on its Board of Directors for Division #1.
The winner of the election was

 Steve L. Putnam

Election Rules

Did you purchase any new nozzles, gaskets, or regulators for your irrigation system?

If so you may be eligible for a rebate from the Energy Trust of Oregon. If your utility is either Pacific Power or PGE and you purchased and installed any of these or the 13 other items we rebate for irrigation within the last 180 days we can send you a rebate check. Just fill in the attached Incentive Application and attach your receipts then email, fax, or mail it into us – the address is at the bottom of the form.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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The Deschutes Soil and Water Conservation District provides conservation assistance to landowners in Deschutes County including water quality, irrigation water management, weeds, wildlife, wildfire, pasture management and assistance with grant opportunities. If you are in need of assistance, please contact DS&W at (541)923-2204 to arrange a free consultation on your property.













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