TID Drought Statement 4/23/2015

The TID Board of Directors has reviewed the Deschutes Basin water outlook for the 2015 irrigation season and will be taking measures to conserve to the best of our system’s ability.  Due to the extreme drought the board decided to curtail deliveries for the 2015 season to 80% of the maximum rate.  We feel this amount will allow us to conserve water and yet have the least impact on our patrons.  If conditions worsen as the season progresses we may have to adjust those numbers downwards.

There has been a request made to the Deschutes County Commissioners by another district to declare a drought year in the Deschutes Basin.  We will be posting regular updates on our website and notifying our Patrons as the season progresses.

Please call us 24 hours in advance if you want your headgate opened or if you need it closed.

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Our mission here at Tumalo Irrigation District is to manage our available resources to meet the present and future water needs of our service area by providing a reliable supply of irrigation water in an environmentally and economically responsible manner with an atmosphere of courtesy, integrity and quality of service.

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